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In the world of hip hop it seems like there is a fad going on.. The fad is copying off of the latest hot rapper.  Well, Rich Easily is totally the opposite.. With Originality and Creativity Rich Easily delivers that Original Boom Bap. I know you want that official original Hip Hop that has substance and meaning.  "I am so much more than a rapper, I'm a leader using the gift of music to wake up the minds of the lost and drop some dope shit in the process.

Rich Easily Peace

Rich Easily in a Uphoria Moses ("UMo") custom shirt.  On set of the Hard in the Kitchen video shoot.

66 Chevy Bel Air

Rich Easily in the 66 Bel Air on set of the Hard in the Kitchen Video Shoot.  Produced by OctaVision.

Uphoria Moses Sponsors

"Uphoria Moses" is a design house that sponsors Rich Easlily's shirt wardrobe. @